We'd like to take a minute to welcome you to the newest addition to the online equestrian community, Equispot.com! I'm sure you're all aware that there are several sites that cater to equestrian sales already, so why did we create another one? Simple. We've used them all to buy and sell horses! We found some are difficult to use, others were not effective in getting responses and to be honest, some of them are just downright expensive! Equispot is our way of being able to give back to the equestrian community and provide what we hope will be an easy, effective experience for you and all at no cost to you!

Please feel free to list all of your horses for sale ABSOLUTELY FREE! It's really, really easy (we promise!) We're hoping people take a real interest in Equispot! We're brand new, so we don't have as many listings as some of the other sites yet but we want you to help us change that! Just click on the Place A Free Ad button in the menu above from any page to get started!

So how can we do this without charging for listings? Glad you asked! First is the advertising we display on most pages. Those generate revenue which helps to pay for our server expenses. Second, we have no development overhead. Fortunately, one of us is a professional software engineer so we have the ability to create, design, customize and maintain the site ourselves. We don't have to pay others to do that for us, which means you don't have to pay us! Third, we do generate some income off of other sites that have advertising much like this one. We've decided to take the revenue from those sites and funnel that money into online advertising for Equispot so that we can attact all those visitors that will buy and sell horses!

We're here to make this the site YOU want. If you have suggestions or ideas, or you're finding something difficult to use or having problems, we want to know. Often times we can add new features or fix problems within a day or two! Feel free to contact us using the form at http://www.equispot.com/contact. The comments go straight to our mobile phones, so we get them as soon as you send them!

Again, welcome to Equispot! We truly hope you find the site useful, enjoyable and easy to use!